The Generic Opera

The Generic Opera

Monday, September 6, 2010

Who am I?

Welcome to my first blog!
My name is Rachael Perks
I am a Sydney based Fashion Design Student graduating in November 2010 from Whitehouse Institute!

I take inspirations from elements that may seem grotesque or conventionally unsightly and translate them into interesting, innovative and visually stimulating fashion pieces. My dream is to produce fashion that is deeply disturbing but breathtakingly beautiful…
My designs have always had a deep meaning to them, they are more than just clothes; they are characters. I am deeply involved with every concept, and translate it into a narrative; each piece of clothing is a part of the story. The outfits become animate objects, ready to play a role in the overall workings of the collection.

My Designs are directed at a niche market of creative and design individuals who want to get more personality out of their clothing.

My 'Play' label for the moment "Destroy Your Creator" (DYC) focuses on the creation of garments that deliver extra value to their owner. This Value being their ability to be transformed and customised to aid in the wearers self visual representation.
The brands philosophy is made up of 3 principles of individuality, the ability to be interchangeable and allowing the wearer to become their own fashion creator.

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